"Fulfilling Kingdom Purposes Through Covenant Promises"





      Deacon Janette Pearson

    Character Trait: Forgiving/Forgiveness “The greatest risk we face as a church in these days is not that we may lose an organ, or that we may lose money, or that we may lose members, or that we may lose staff, or that we may lose reputation. The greatest risk is that we may lose heaven. Because one way to lose heaven is to hold fast to an unforgiving spirit.” To Forgive: Definition: •to give up all claim to punish or exact penalty for (an offense) •To give up resentment against or stop wanting to…

  • “Follow me” The Pathway To Becoming Fishers Of Men


      Deacon Janette Pearson

    Review Becoming a true follower of Christ must begin with recognizing our own sinfulness and our inability to save ourselves. (Mark 2:16-17). Who are we outside of our identity in Christ? In our sin we have alienated ourselves from God and are hostile toward Him. We are slaves to sin and are dominated by Satan. We love darkness and hate light. It was God’s love for humanity, His mercy, compassion and His undeserved favour (His Grace), that caused Him to send His Son to die in order that this gif…

  • “FOLLOW ME” The Pathway to becoming “Fishers” of Men

     Deacon Janette Pearson

    Developing the Character of Christ Review: When we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour we are reborn of the Spirit of God and of Water The Water speaks of Jesus, the Living Word that enters us and gives us eternal life. We are required to be washed by the Word before performing any ministry. The Spirit of God seeks to develop the character of Christ in us. The process of transformation can be aborted: If you insist on your will being done By relying on Self (your own efforts) By a fleshy wal…

  • “Follow me” The Pathway to Becoming “Fishers Of Men” 

    (Mark 1:17,Matt. 4:19)


     Deacon Janette Pearson

    What does it mean to Follow Christ? Review To follow Christ is an invitation to the believer to greater service. It is a call to abandon in some instances our livelihood Our possessions Personal desires Family and friends Personal ambitions It is a call to leave everything behind in order to: pursue, imitate, emulate, obey/yield and go in the same direction of Christ Jesus. It is a call to make Disciples. Evangelism is the “sob” of God, it is the thing that is closest to His heart. (John 3:16) I…